The electric scooter of the United States is cloned by China

The electric scooter of the United States is cloned by China

A folding electric scooter called Lehe K2 of a company from Guangdong, China mimics the Scoot-E-Bike model from Raytroniks, USA.

Recently, the image of a folding electric car with a compact appearance has received the curiosity of many people. And this product is selling well known as Lehe K2.

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The highlight of this model is the unique design with compact design, foldable and especially affordable.

According to the manufacturer’s description, the Lehe K2 electric car has a design inspired by the letter “K” in the alphabet. The design of this electric scooter can perfectly fit into the bodywork and they are lightweight at just 18 kg.

Lehe insists that the K2 has a shock-resistant design to provide the driver with the added convenience of compact mobility. According to the manufacturer of this electric scooter of China. The electric scooter owns 8.8 Ah battery of Samsung and it has 240 watts.

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In addition to the advertised car using electric motors designed by Germany to help cars complete the distance of 35-45 km after each charge. In addition, the announcement of this car Lehe K2 can also carry a mass of 120 – 130 kg and reach a top speed of 27 km / h.

The charging time of this electric scooter is also impressive, it only takes 3-5 hours to charge the fuel cell.

Disc brakes on both wheels will produce a very significant braking force. Next to the leather saddle and 16-inch tire “military” standards should be more durable, accompanied by a lightweight alloy rim.

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According to Lehe, K2 folding electric vehicles have a waterproof and anti-dust design. There is also a Bluetooth speaker for the user to connect to the smartphone.

In addition, it has a USB connector, a large LCD screen on the front of the car to display parameters. Such as distance, speed, temperature and battery capacity … More modern, the electric scooter Lehe also has a smart key that locks or activates the car remotely like a car.

It is worth mentioning that this electric car is selling in the Asian market was the Chinese car imitation style line E.T Scooter world famous Raytroniks based in the United States.

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You can see that the things that manufacturers advertise for their electric car models seem to be extremely attractive. On the market today, the K2 electric scooter will have a very affordable price tag of about $ 600.

According to industry insiders, the electric scooter ET Scooter was sold for $ 1390 in Europe (over 30 million), twice as expensive as the counterfeit Lehe K2 from China.

Before considering the model electric scooter should pay attention to the battery

An extremely convenient vehicle, electric scooters are now used quite commonly. However, in recent times there have been many cases of battery scooter self-exploding so many people confused.

Charge properly

For those who own and use electric scooter for adults also need to equip a certain knowledge to preserve their vehicles properly. That way, your electric scooter will last a long time and will not be in danger of operating, using them.

A retailer also adds that low-cost electric scooters often come with low-quality batteries / batteries. Whenever damage is likely to cause the vehicle to turn on or burn.

When using the electric scooter, the user should also regularly carry means of maintenance to avoid accidents happen. When signs of deterioration or odors occur, you should not use them. And should bring the product to reputed repairs to start testing.

Charge properly according to manufacturer’s instructions to ensure durability and safety when used. When the battery shows signs of fraying or cracking, replace the battery.

To avoid the unfortunate accident for his electric scooter. Users need to maintain the battery properly. Do not leave your electric scooter in high-temperature areas that are susceptible to explosions and affect the quality of your vehicle. Avoid electric scooters where there is moisture, high humidity, causing electric shock, causing damage to the battery. When washing the electric scooter or going to the rain, dry the power cord jack before starting.